Feeling the Holiday Vibes

Unlike my past Christmases, I decided to decorate my work station with Christmas lights earlier this year. I also plan on buying a small Christmas tree for my desk, but I wonder if I even have space for it. Haha.




Today was a weirdly calm and productive sort of day. I was able to do some typography using watercolors and acrylics, and used a sketchbook which has been around for more than a year (but barely drawn on). That’s for another post though.

Christmas is only 38 days away, and I’m feeling it so much already!


In a world where nothing makes sense.

Meet a character I came up with during Rizal class. I don’t have a name for her yet though. Oh yeah, and the shadows being on the wrong side is on purpose. :D

Ugh. She looks like a Smurf. And I haven’t even watched it yet! :(

Expressions during Math Class.

Haha. Would you believe how many emotions a person can go through during Math (specifically Statistics) class? Add to that the fact that our professor wasn’t exactly making Math “fun”. Introducing the new addition to my OC’s: RED.

Especially the last one. “Uh…?” Hahaha. Have a great weekend!!!! :D

Going digital

Colors inspired by strawberry-chocolate Mousse. :D yum. yum. yum. Yeah, I decided to go digital. Purely digital. Though this isn’t new for me, I wanted to explore. I know what you’re thinking. I need more exploration when it comes to digital art. LOL. Sorry. But I’ll get better.