From the trunk

Illustration Friday

Yeah, regardless of the title, this isn’t an official submission for this week’s Illustration Friday. Still haven’t gotten back to joining their weekly challenges though I hope it’ll be soon.

There’s a funny story to this artwork that I want to share with you guys. You see, I remember sketching this last 2012 on my sketchpad but never planned on finishing it. It was supposed to be a random teenage girl on the bed talking on the phone, but recovering it 2 years later made me want to change everything. It’s weird how you find old art and be able to finish sketches or improve finished art.


A really rough pencil sketch colored in Photoshop.


So there. Finished a few days before Halloween came. :)




An illustration to accompany my rough story plot for English class. This was a product of  an image prompt and my twisted, weird imagination. :D

Read my ideas here. :D

Thanks for appreciating!

Is it time yet?

Another drawing during MAth class! But hey, I passed with flying colors in the subject so… :D Haha.

Me – pouring out my boredom through drawing during the final 30 minutes or so before lunch break. Happens every time! Do you guys get bored too, whenever you know something is about to end? Do you perhaps lose interest in listening?

Or am I the only one? *gasp*

Hatsune Miku – colored

I’ve been away for, like, forever! I’m so disappointed at myself for not being able to update as often as I should! :( Anyways, here’s part 1 of a few successive posts I’ll be doing today, to hopefully make up for my hiatus.

Excited for things to come!

Today, after putting it off multiple times, I finally decided to rummage through my old stuff, neatly organized by my late grandma (thanks lola!). I was AMAZED at how preserved my books and drawing pads were, and for the first time in months, I felt like a kid again. Seeing the things of my past reminded me of the best times of my life! Nostalgia’s creeping in folks! ;)

I may be able to post some pictures of my old stuff here in the next days, and hopefully, a few “revivals” of my oldest drawings. Let’s see how much I’ve improved, aye? If ever? LOL. Tune in for more and check back often guys! Thanks!


Have a very lovely day!