Lily Collins (Portrait)

Since watching “Mirror Mirror”, I have grown to love Lily Collins. She played a perfect Snow White in the movie, and her role alongside Taylor Lautner in “Abduction” was more than welcome. So, inspired as I was, I decided to challenge myself and make a digital portrait of Lily.

I’m still a noob, though I have to say I’m pretty happy with the result. :D

In total, this took 6 hours to complete, including dinner and toilet breaks. ;)

I can finally sleep well tonight. XD

Resized for your convenience.

It’s also the Penafrancia Festival here in Naga City, and there are sooo many strangers in the vicinity. I think mom’s going to cook a little something tomorrow. :D Golly, but I do love her Maja.

Have a great weekend!


Designs Inspired by Taylor S.

Back to December hair in the middle, people! :)

I have never been so inspired to draw designs for a celebrity than the day I did this with Taylor Swift in my mind. I don’t know if this is cliche or anything, but I really, really think she’s a great role model for young adults and teens all over the world. Yes, she sometimes makes mistakes, but don’t we all? Who are we to judge?

Anyway, back to the drawing.

I was thinking a sort of floral, girly dress for Taylor, and so I came up with two, the first and second designs. Don’t mind the third one! haha! Of course, I want to protect my art from thieves on the net so I only photographed half. :)