Illustration Friday

Yeah, regardless of the title, this isn’t an official submission for this week’s Illustration Friday. Still haven’t gotten back to joining their weekly challenges though I hope it’ll be soon.

There’s a funny story to this artwork that I want to share with you guys. You see, I remember sketching this last 2012 on my sketchpad but never planned on finishing it. It was supposed to be a random teenage girl on the bed talking on the phone, but recovering it 2 years later made me want to change everything. It’s weird how you find old art and be able to finish sketches or improve finished art.


A really rough pencil sketch colored in Photoshop.


So there. Finished a few days before Halloween came. :)



My Apologies

Yes, I haven’t posted here in a MILLION years.

Yes, I’ve lost a HEAP of followers for my inactivity.


I haven’t been managing my time wisely, and the commissions I have to do for Deviantart users are still (sadly) on hold.

So. A lot of things have happened during my year of absence. A LOT. And I don;t know how to go on about filling you guys in. *breathe

Here goes.

This first post will struggle to fill the gap from my last post.

Yes, it’s another drawing.


Robot: Flame

I was soo inspired by Toe (recommended/inspiration-source from our English prof.) that I didn’t know what came over me and made me draw a robot. A pink one, yes. The color scheme was expected. :)

Did this in about 6 hours, and I still can’t get it all clean like the professional artists do! hahaha. Oh well. I’m not a professional yet, so I AM excused, right? :)

I was planning to draw this with a girl at the bottom right, but then got lazy and stopped here. Tomorrow though, I’ll have to finish this drawing!

Good night!

Behind those purple eyes…

Since I can’t think of a decent title for this. Haha.

Finished within about 5 hours, excluding breaks. Used Sketchbook Pro, SAI, and a graphics tablet. :) I guess you could say I decided to color the lineart in because I found so many inspiring art on Deviantart and a heck load of tutorials that I wanted to see if I could do the same.