These past few days, I’ve been experiencing everything. Yes, everything. I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh, pity myself or get angry. I felt like every emotion a person could feel was placed upon me like a burden. Love isn’t an emotion, so no jokes there.

I got sick, both physical and emotional, and had to stay at home for my afternoon class period (which turned out to be a double bummer).

But enough of that.

I am now doing okay, if it pleases you to know, and am regaining zest for life. Aside from prayer and medicine, I managed to get myself together through drawing this:

Messy, but it speaks for the chaos my mind was going through. Not that I’ve ever done really clean art with this style, though I’ve attempted a few times.

I felt hot (not the hot hot) during my sickness, and I guess I needed to release it through her fiery hair. Even her eyes seems sickly now that I see it with a clear enough mind.

And yes, many anatomical errors here. Many areas for criticism – take your pick.

Well, I hope this post isn’t depressing for those who’re caring enough to read it. :) GTG. Lots more projects to finish.


ENGS002 #5: Noooooo!!!!

It’s brown (both dark and light).

It’s an insect.

It has wings.

(Some can fly, but others can’t.

The flying ones are the scariest.)

It’s not “good-looking” but get more screaming girls than Coco Martin on Walang Hanggan.

It’s not a heartthrob, but both men and women chase after them frantically.

It doesn’t have super powers, but it can be everywhere at the same time.

It looks like Pili nuts – especially when seen in the morning after a deep sleep.

It doesn’t squeak or bark but it can be stronger than an alarm clock.

It cause catastrophic events such as preventing someone in particular to go to the toilet and get relief.


Answer: Yes, it’s a roach.

As a tribute to my “best” (ehemm) friend, Mr. Roach, here are some fascinating facts to further spark your interest (again, ehemm) on this “marvelous” insect. (Someone pass me a bucket! *pukes*)

1. Cockroaches can eat just about anything, and can survive without food for long periods of time.

2. Cockroaches like to be touched. (SERIOUSLY?! That is like, the WEIRDEST fact EVER.)

3. Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads.

4. Cockroaches can be conditioned, just like Pavlov’s dogs. (REALLY?!)

(source: http://insects.about.com/od/roachesandmantids/a/10-Facts-About-Cockroaches.htm)

I don’t know about you guys, but no matter how awesome cockroaches are, I wouldn’t want to see them all over the place, especially in toilets, bedrooms, and kitchens. I still believe them to be dirty no matter how other sites/books explain it (no offence, Mr. Roach) and I don’t think my view about them will change. Most people aren’t afraid of it, but they are disgusted, and anything disgusting is best avoided.

So thank you, roach experts, but no thank you!

Other thoughts : If roaches can be trained or conditioned… perhaps I’ll befriend one of them and appoint him as general. Then again, I;d have to get over my fear of them first! Ugh, eww!

My Apologies

Yes, I haven’t posted here in a MILLION years.

Yes, I’ve lost a HEAP of followers for my inactivity.


I haven’t been managing my time wisely, and the commissions I have to do for Deviantart users are still (sadly) on hold.

So. A lot of things have happened during my year of absence. A LOT. And I don;t know how to go on about filling you guys in. *breathe

Here goes.

This first post will struggle to fill the gap from my last post.

Yes, it’s another drawing.


Behind those purple eyes…

Since I can’t think of a decent title for this. Haha.

Finished within about 5 hours, excluding breaks. Used Sketchbook Pro, SAI, and a graphics tablet. :) I guess you could say I decided to color the lineart in because I found so many inspiring art on Deviantart and a heck load of tutorials that I wanted to see if I could do the same.