A little artwork that’s been in progress for 2 days now. Still not done.



“Two Girls” + Speedpainting


Yesterday was super productive (well, in my 2D world, at least). Mom finally bought me a new graphics tablet, so the rage to create something was too strong to resist. I also figured out how easy it is to make custom brushes in Photoshop. Uhuh.

Also, yesterday was the first time I recorded myself drawing (computer screen). Tell me what you think! Thanks! ;)



The speedpaint:

Week-In: Sketches and an Award

Hello everybody! Here’s a regular update of what went on during the previous week. Now, I don’t usually do these kind of posts (you know, plain summaries of a week), but since most of what happened got more updated on Instagram, I’ll just… try and keep things here in a flow.

DSC_0174 DSC_0170DSC_0172If the pictures aren’t already a give-away, I’m currently exploring traditional typography, using different mediums like watercolor, markers, pens, and others. I’ve also been experimenting on character design among other things.

Also, I think I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts that last week was going to be busy because we’re holding the annual Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF). As the Event Coordinator, I was placed in charge of the Venue and the props to make the theme pop. This year’s ADAAF was also a special one for me since I have two entries in the animation categories, one for the Animated TV Commercial (solo) and one for the Animated Short Film (I’m 1/3 of the group). Both films won awards, but one award that really SHOCKED me so much was this.

DSC_0175 DSC_0180

Such a SHOCK. Seriously. I actually didn’t like how my ATVC came out, though I have to admit my concept was pretty neat. I’d love to tell you all about it, but since it’s an entry in a Nationwide event (Animahenasyon, Nov. 25-28), I can’t say anything about it just yet. However, once it’s over, I might be allowed to upload a snippet by then.

It’s just weird how a commercial I didn’t really put much effort on (given the time constraint and just pure procrastination) landed the Viewer’s Choice Award at ADAAF and made it into a Nationwide animation competition! Who am I? Haha. Seriously though, it’s still unbelievable.

So yeah. That’s last week for you. :) I’m doing another project for school right now, but I can’t get started because my darn graphics tablet broke down on me a few days after the semester began. I’m on the hunt to find my next one. But until then, I’m sticking to sketches and scanners.

Feeling the Holiday Vibes

Unlike my past Christmases, I decided to decorate my work station with Christmas lights earlier this year. I also plan on buying a small Christmas tree for my desk, but I wonder if I even have space for it. Haha.




Today was a weirdly calm and productive sort of day. I was able to do some typography using watercolors and acrylics, and used a sketchbook which has been around for more than a year (but barely drawn on). That’s for another post though.

Christmas is only 38 days away, and I’m feeling it so much already!

Spring Cleaning in May

With all the time I have on my hands, one would only think how many sketches and other things I could do with it, right? Or how many songs and stories I could write before school resumes on the 4th of June.

Well, I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve (finally!) found the time (and discipline) to “pimp my station” (a.k.a. The Creation Station)! After a few hours of looking through Google and realizing how many DIY’s I could do with the materials I have stored, I started fixing my area, starting with “uncluttering” my shelves and drawers and choosing which nick-knacks to keep or throw away.

I wasn’t able to take a “before” photo before I began (drats!) but I DID take a few shots afterwards. :)

Welcome to… The Creation Station!
(click for larger images)

It’s not much, but with us just renting an apartment at the moment, I couldn’t really drill into the walls and plaster other things on it. (I forgot to make the piano and the guitar more visible on the photo. Haha.)

Here’s a little tour:

1. The Jewels

These pretty babies are mostly presents from relatives and my parents, and only a few were bought by me. :) I think the one with the Eiffel pendant is from Oman, when we lived there for a few years. It’s been one of my favorite accessories since the year we bought it, 2009. The image on the left ( the fish-like necklace) was my mom’s, but then she decided to give it to me after realizing it’s not really “her type”. I’m guessing that if I placed my whole collection up here, the hooks would fall off. Tsk.

2. The Little Terrace

Aaaaanndd… the thread I used to hook this up is obvious, and fortunately, I could explain that it was “designed” to act like a separator. Hahaha! There’s nothing better than getting away with an almost-fail DIY craft. I had to sew through that box (which I also made myself) a couple of times before I got pricked. I guess I have no more blood left in me since no blood came out. Har-har. I even got my little brother to hold the box while I stitched it up, but after a few minutes, he gave up ’cause his “hands were dying”. Seemed perfectly fine to me! ;)

Take a look inside:

There’s a story behind that ring. A pretty long one, too. Those USB’s also have 16GB of space (‘cept for the one on the left), but they can’t hold even a quarter of all my files. O___O Any one else with a similar problem?

3. Other areas

I’ve also changed my table and made it more personal, adding a few of my drawings, and photos of my parents and little brother. I then covered it with a huge plastic book cover to avoid messing them up and/or spilling liquid on them. BTW, that drawing underneath the markers is made of charcoal on normal printing paper, so that added to the fragility of the whole design. I might post a solo photo of that artwork some time.

The photo on the right is just of the small bulletin board I created using used boxes just lying around and a few scrapbook elements. Can anyone guess what’s behind the green flap at the far end? :)

Of course, I have my second favorite (easy) DIY for the day.

4. The Organizer

Heck yeah! Forgive my over-the-top reaction just there. Haha. I rarely do DIY’s to organize my cords (or bits of stomach as I like to call them), but I’ve reached my limit and am tired of seeing those things laying about! Using a ribbon I bought from Oman and paperclips from the local store, that problem was instantly solved.

What sort of DIY’s do you like to do?
Any suggestions to make my work area better?