Week-In: Sketches and an Award

Hello everybody! Here’s a regular update of what went on during the previous week. Now, I don’t usually do these kind of posts (you know, plain summaries of a week), but since most of what happened got more updated on Instagram, I’ll just… try and keep things here in a flow.

DSC_0174 DSC_0170DSC_0172If the pictures aren’t already a give-away, I’m currently exploring traditional typography, using different mediums like watercolor, markers, pens, and others. I’ve also been experimenting on character design among other things.

Also, I think I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts that last week was going to be busy because we’re holding the annual Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF). As the Event Coordinator, I was placed in charge of the Venue and the props to make the theme pop. This year’s ADAAF was also a special one for me since I have two entries in the animation categories, one for the Animated TV Commercial (solo) and one for the Animated Short Film (I’m 1/3 of the group). Both films won awards, but one award that really SHOCKED me so much was this.

DSC_0175 DSC_0180

Such a SHOCK. Seriously. I actually didn’t like how my ATVC came out, though I have to admit my concept was pretty neat. I’d love to tell you all about it, but since it’s an entry in a Nationwide event (Animahenasyon, Nov. 25-28), I can’t say anything about it just yet. However, once it’s over, I might be allowed to upload a snippet by then.

It’s just weird how a commercial I didn’t really put much effort on (given the time constraint and just pure procrastination) landed the Viewer’s Choice Award at ADAAF and made it into a Nationwide animation competition! Who am I? Haha. Seriously though, it’s still unbelievable.

So yeah. That’s last week for you. :) I’m doing another project for school right now, but I can’t get started because my darn graphics tablet broke down on me a few days after the semester began. I’m on the hunt to find my next one. But until then, I’m sticking to sketches and scanners.


Ready for 2015!

Hello everybody! It’s been an incredibly long hiatus, don’t you think? Frankly, I don’t know where to even start narrating what has happened since my last entry (July 2013, I think). I post more often on my main blog, but as usual, no matter how hard I try to stay in one blog site, I can’t. I feel like one platform has advantages over the other and that keeping both is the best way to go.

A lot has happened during my absence from WordPress, but I’ll start with my most recent happening.

A few weeks ago, I ordered another Doodle Planner from FILED (I also ordered their 2014 one before) and it arrived roughly around 4 days ago. It’s so cute! (Click to view.)

As if it wasn’t already obvious, Pink is a staple color. Just… so many things have changed in the past year. I’ll do a more comprehensive, detailed post in a few days.

Also, I’ll be busy this week and the next for this year’s Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF). I’ll post more about that soon. :)

Another thing… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR not unsubscribing! I owe you guys so much. So, so much.