About Veeyah

Hey there! I’m Veeyah Peñero and I’m a Philippine-based animator, illustrator, and writer.

I grew up in Australia, Oman, and the Philippines, with the latter country as my birthplace. I am now studying at Ateneo de Naga University.

I am studying BS Digital Illustration and Animation and at the same time developing my abilities as a music composer, writer, singer, and photographer. I love blogging and sharing my thoughts to anyone who would care to listen. My favorite stores are mostly bookshops and cafes, with Borders, Fully Booked, Starbucks, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the list. I’m generally an introvert and regard my friends as precious stones, all uniquely carved into the personalities I love them for. I am a fan of shoes, vintage dresses, diaries, and the color pink.

This blog will be a directory of my hobbies: a mix of writings, drawings, and random (but rare) song covers/videos. I am inspired by anything associated with art. This is me, exploring the written word and the colorful things around it. Read the blog and discover life with me!



  1. Hey Veeyah,

    Thanks for subscribing to my Blog, I am greatly indebted.
    I have reciprocated, and will track all your posts and read them.
    I love the blog concept, and hope you wont mind me commenting every once in a while.



    1. Of course I wouldn’t mind your comments!
      I would love to hear from other people so as to improve on what I love to do.
      Thanks a million! :)
      Have a great day!


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