Hi there!

Welcome to theindymiss, a place where you’ll find the fruits of my imagination, inspiration and anything that prompts me to write, draw, write, and draw! I promise I will make this as painless as possible! *wink

Why did I decide to make a blog?

I’ve always been such a talkative person (not so much around strangers though) and I feel like I have so much more to say. I’m a sucker for anything that shouts “adventure”, “fun”, and “creative”, and hopefully, my blog will be a channel for me to express those exact things.

What topic/genre am I most inclined to write/draw about?

In terms of writing stories, I’m more of a suspense-thriller type of writer, only injecting a bit of romance into the mix when necessary. I’ve also tried my hand at writing “choose your own adventure” types but they are darn complicated. As for my illustrations, I’m a bit more exploratory. I do gore, romance,anime, pop art, caricatures – simply put, anything I feel like doing.

Where do I often find inspiration?

I was asked this same question by a friend last night, and I told her that if you’re really into writing, inspiration wouldn’t be a problem. I find a spark to write even in the smallest, dullest of things like a leaf with a dew drop or a lizard on the ceiling. But though I hate to admit it, I sometimes experience what you would call a mental block. So, I head off to find writing prompts and images that would kick the inspiration back in. One of the most useful sites I’ve come across is Writersdigest.

Inspiration in illustration is just as easy to find, though what you come up with is a different boulder all by itself.

Have I undergone any training or workshops?

Yes, consisting of Feature writing, Editorial writing, cartooning, script-writing, and short story writing workshops. I have also competed in various contests throughout the country under Feature Writing, falling into 1st to 6th places. Recently, I came up as a finalist for the Philippines’ annual Animahenasyon (an animation contest/event) and I’m still waiting for the final results. Since I’m also studying Illustration and Animation, I’d say I have had quite a few workshops under my sleeve.

Any tips for fellow writers?

First thing’s first: remember to enjoy and love what you do. If writing is just a filler for your boring days or if you just want to show 0ff, I urge you not to move forward. You must first love writing in any style and then work up towards your goal of composing moving stories, articles, or poems. Everything should involve your heart and soul, and if you don’t give your 100%, I am quite sure it won’t work out for you. Of course, once you’ve assured yourself of this love, the next obvious step is to develop your writing skills. There are a generous amount of self-help articles and how-to’s on the web so it’s not a problem.

Specifically on drawing:

When did I first grow to love it?

I guess I was influenced by cartoons on TV, and I remember drawing from stick figures to people with big heads and no neck at all! Through the years, I’m pleased to say that I have improved a lot more, and am not so ashamed to show my work to others. I come from a very artistic family, so that was another factor.

What are my specialties?

I draw females and can create characters that exude femininity and confidence. I’m also quite literate in fashion design, having self-studied in the last 3 years. Right now, I’m working to develop my landscapes or back grounds, so when I finally do the manga I’ve been putting off, I’ll have no problem with the sceneries.

What’s my favorite drawing medium/s?

Nothing can top a good set of colored pencils and water colors, but even digitally drawn illustrations are equally satisfying. SO I can’t really say I have a favorite medium, since you can express yourself using any of them.


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