Ready for 2015!

Hello everybody! It’s been an incredibly long hiatus, don’t you think? Frankly, I don’t know where to even start narrating what has happened since my last entry (July 2013, I think). I post more often on my main blog, but as usual, no matter how hard I try to stay in one blog site, I can’t. I feel like one platform has advantages over the other and that keeping both is the best way to go.

A lot has happened during my absence from WordPress, but I’ll start with my most recent happening.

A few weeks ago, I ordered another Doodle Planner from FILED (I also ordered their 2014 one before) and it arrived roughly around 4 days ago. It’s so cute! (Click to view.)

As if it wasn’t already obvious, Pink is a staple color. Just… so many things have changed in the past year. I’ll do a more comprehensive, detailed post in a few days.

Also, I’ll be busy this week and the next for this year’s Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF). I’ll post more about that soon. :)

Another thing… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR not unsubscribing! I owe you guys so much. So, so much.


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