Any kind of help counts!

Every ounce of kindness and compassion is worth giving. You may not think it a big thing, but other people might see it as a sign of hope. I saw this post on my tumblr dash, and thought it would be wise to share this photo with you.

I couldn't have agreed more with this guy.

There are people in this world who have nothing good going for them. You find them on streets, abandoned buildings, under bridges or in some nook around the corner, just waiting. Waiting to have that piece of the good life. Waiting for the change they’ve longed for all their lives. Waiting for people to realize that even the smallest bit of generosity means so much to them.

And it’s true, what this guy wrote on his sign. It’s not just money that will make people feel accepted and feel good about themselves – it’s about kindness and compassion as well. Money can’t make everyone happy, though the world focuses on that so much these days. Just smiles, or even nods of acknowledgement means a lot, because you never know what the person at the receiving end is feeling inside.

Knowledge comes from the most unexpected places, as inspiration and lessons in life do. We could learn a lot from this guy in the photo.



    1. Thank you! I’ve been in similar situations where all I need is a hug or smile to pull me up. :) Have a great day!


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