Writing Draft #1: The Voice In My Head

I was awakened by the searing pain in my skull. Everything was black, and all I could hear was voices all around me. It smelled like rotten eggs, and for a second I thought I’d vomit in disgust. “Is it awake yet?” The man’s voice was deep and husky and I could feel him pace in front of me. The one he was asking must’ve shrugged as the man cursed and tugged at my blindfold. Ouch!I squinted as the rays of light seeped in through the cracks in the ceiling. “Hey, you on earth yet? Hello!” I looked at him and stared. He slapped me hard. “No cry whatsoever. Those news folk were right about their kind!”

“We could trade it in for money Carl. Just sell it.” I looked to the far side of the room and saw another muscled man sitting on the floor. His eyes were glittering as he looked at me. Why did everything look familiar and strange at the same time? They both went out the door and left me. “Where Am I?” I jumped at the sound of my own voice.

You’re a woman. Of course you sound like this.

“Who said that?” I cried out in fear. This isn’t like me – whoever I was.

You’re in my body, Cleos. I’m Katherine.

“You’re body? Wait, who’s Cleos?” I felt like an idiot, talking to myself like I would to a complete stranger. This was making no sense. Cleos is what they call your class in the spirit’s universe. I can’t believe you don’t know any of this! And I’m the human! A sudden surge of fear gripped my heart – Katherine’s heart that is. “So, I’m… not human? What am I then?”  This isn’t the place for you to ask me questions! We have to get out of here! We’re going to die if we don’t! Katherine’s human instincts guided my actions – I was an audience to my own escape, rather than the participant.



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