An observation (no.1)

So today, I am proud to announce my first post, first day, and first try using WordPress. I just felt like I had to say this, but I am so excited to work on this page of mine in cyberspace, though I already have a main blog under Blogger, which I use solely for my personal musings. Check it out here, please.

So anyway, I think I should give a short introduction to what this blog will be composed of.

  1. Short stories
  2. Poems
  3. Short plays I’ve written
  4. Feature Articles
  5. And my opinion on various topics

Trust me, writing is often better than speaking, especially when it involves your feelings and awkward things (like saying “I like you” to a crush or something). For a complete introduction about this blog and to know more about me, please don’t hesitate to use the navigations at the top of the page. (Psst… I don’t bite – unless of course you’re a burger of some sort.)



  1. I started my blog about a month ago, and it was the best thing I have ever done for my writing. Writing for me is something I couldn’t see myself living without. Everything I do, I think about how I can put it into words; my blog comes in great use for that, where I can tell the world how my day has been, or write about the current news.
    I’d like to post my writing eg. poetry and short stories, but unfortunately, it means you cannot submit them for publishing if they are already published on the internet.
    Good luck!


    1. Thanks for your comment Cassie (if I may call you that!). I know, I’ve entered contests on the web that require a story that has never been posted on the net, and I was actually sort of disappointed because most of my really good works have been posted on my blog and such! :( I was really glad to have read this, because a few minutes ago, I was thinking of changing this blog’s theme (content) altogether and choosing to post something else (which would hopefully still interest readers!) So thank you! You’ve given me that extra push to do something great LOL! Good luck to you too!


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